Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Greatest War Photographs. Images 36 - 40

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W. Eugene Smith, Black Star

Marine Pvt. 1st Class T.E Underwood takes a drink while under fire by Japanese forces during the battle for Saipan, 1944.

Henri Huet, Associated Press

Despite also being wounded, 1st Cavalry Division medic Thomas Cole, right, aids Staff Sgt. Harrison Pell during a January 1966 firefight between U.S. troops and a combined North Vietnamese and Viet Cong force in South Vietnam's Central Highlands.

Malcolm Browne, Associated Press

Thich Quang Duc, a Buddhist monk from Vietnam, burned himself to death at a busy intersection in downtown Saigon on June 11, 1963 to bring attention to the repressive policies of the Catholic Diem regime that controlled the South Vietnamese government at the time. Buddhist monks asked the regime to lift its ban on flying the traditional Buddhist flag, to grant Buddhism the same rights as Catholicism, to stop detaining Buddhists and to give Buddhist monks and nuns the right to practice and spread their religion.

Don McCullin, Contact Press Images

A shell shocked U.S. Marine awaits transportation from the front line in Hue, South Vietnam, during the 1968 Tet Offensive.

Robert Ellison, Black Star

U.S. Marines duck shell gragments as a Viet COng projectile explodes amid ammunitions depot at Khe Sanh, South Vietnam. Khe Sanh Combat Base, which sat on a barren plateau surrounded by hills by besieged by communist forces for 75 days in early 1968.

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