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Greatest War Photographs. Images 11 - 15

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Ed Clark, Time Life

Grief stricken Navy Chief Petty Officer Graham Jackson plays "Goin' Home" on the accordian while President Franklin Roosevelt's body is carried from the Warm Springs, Georgia, plantation where he died, April 12, 1945, of a stroke.

Alexander Gardner, Corbis-Bettman

Bodies of men and animals litter the ground in front of Dunker Church following the Civil War Battle of Antietam in Sharpsburg, Maryland, September 17, 1862. Some 23,000 Union and Confederate troops were killed or wounded in the bloodiest engagement in U.S. Military History.

John Filo, Associated Press

Mary Ann Vecchio gestures in horror near the body of a student shot by National Guardsmen at Kent State University in Ohio, May 04, 1970. The Guardsmen had fired into a crowd of demonstrators, killing four.

Art Greenspon, Associated Press

A paratrooper from A Company, 101st Airborne Division, guides a medical evacuation helicopter through jungle foliage as fellow troopers aid buddies wounded during fighting near Hue, South Vietnam, in April 1968.

Kyoichi Sawada, Japan, United Press International

World Press Photo of the Year: 1965
Loc Thuong, Binh Dinh, South Vietnam, September 1965. Mother and children wade across river to escape US bombing.
About the image: Sawada braved going down to the riverside, which was under attack, to take the picture, and then wiped the youngest child's eyes when they reached his side. His widow tells that his evidence of the tragedies of war reached a wider audience after winning, but it also pressured him, and turned him taciturn.

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It appears as the the image Going Home by Ed Clark has been altered with a shirtless man having been superimposed in the background. Very strange,I wondered why?